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    Craft Beer packaging design
The project entailed a packaging design for a local higher in alcohol craft beer brand aimed at a high LSM male urban target market. I chose the name Jan, as it is known as a common Afrikaans name. My target audience is South-African hipster men, whom are proud of their heritage. 

My concept was to design a beer brand that communicated with South-African male craft beer drinkers. "Jan Rap en sy Maats" craft beer is inspired by iconic "Jan"-figures in South-African history. The simplicity of the design is aimed to communicate with no-nonsense, straightforward, stylish men. What you see is what you get, therefor the design and information is only applied onto the front of the packaging.
The white packaging contains Weiss craft beer (named Jan Piereweiss) and the black packaging contains the Ales (named Jan Vuil Uil).
Packaging is designed using only black and white - no-nonsense colours. 
The beer labeling 
Promotional item - moustaches placed around the neck of the beer bottles. The moustache icon is a hipster signature, aimed to communicate with the target audience. 
Coasters designed to resemble the silhouettes of the two Jan-figures (Jan van Riebeeck and Jan Smuts). They are designed to look like the beer bottle's shadows.
The coaster designs
The in-store poster designs:
The posters each display the historic figures Jan Smuts and Jan van Riebeeck. The information is placed to make the viewer aware of both these figures moustaches. 
Jan-beer advert
Jan-beer advert
Jan beer promotional t-shirt