2011-2012 DOODLES Batch 1 : Notebooks & Sketchpads
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    The first batch of my doodle artworks since 2011 to 2012.
This gallery is in no particular order. just a collection of the artworks I made from 2011 to 2012. Enjoy!
This was an animated doodle I made for the 2011 New Year celebration.
Chibi Me with my signature alien character.
Rocketeer doodle
My first ever uploaded doodle; Graffiti Gang.
Princess doodle, a representation artwork for something that happened in the past.
Reached 30k views in DeviantART and I was so happy. 
My Valentine Doodle.
D is for Doodle. My contribution for the 2011 Doodle Art Enthusiasts name collaboration.
A huge doodle art I made for an event (CAS WEEK) in my college school.
Branding poster design for the small time t-shirt business "FROM THE CAN".
An artwork I made for my Tumblr account.
A doodle I made for Titus Pens as a featured artist. Made with ballpoint pens.
An artwork I made for my Tumblr header banner 
A tshirt design I made for an event at La-Salle Taft.
A doodle I made for a Tumblr Famous friend.
A doodle I made for a close friend on her 18th birthday celebration.
An artwork I made for my cosplaying friend.
This one was an art-trade for a birthday gift.
Welcoming 2012 with a bang.