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    Social Media - Widdershins
This is a social media project named Widdershins, which is an ancient word that means to reverse the process, or anti-clockwise. It is aimed at up-cycling interior design. A blog was started in Widdershin's name, along with a facebook page and a twitter account. In stead of throwing away the old, reverse the process, think anti-clockwise.
The Logo

Widdershins logo design is inspired by the traditional up-cycle logo, using arrows that are each made up of a different recyclable texture, like cardboard and paper. The pattern these arrows make form a "w" in the negative spaces, that echo the first letter of the brand's name. 
The Ambients - poster design

The posters designed to promote Widdershins. The QR-code directs the user to the widdershins facebook page. The poster designs are based on the concept of reinventing the old, thinking ant-clockwise (the meaning of Widdershins). Renaissance clothing, symbolise the old. The clothing is made from recyclable materials like cardboard and paper - the same materials used in the logo design. The quirky images are made to attract a younger target audience. Younger people are more likely to get involved with the trend of up-cycling. The shape of the posters once again repeat the arrow-like shape used throughout the project. 
The posters also provides the option of being placed in a pattern of arrows pointing up and down - reinforcing the concept of up-cycling.
The social media project was extended into a corporate identity for Widdershins
Business-card sleeve back and front design
The business-card slides out of the sleeve 
The business-card back and front design.
Letterhead front and back design
Envelope back and front design
Inside of envelope - the shape reflects the arrow shape used straight through the project
Envelope front
How the envelope folds open