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    This is a fourth year project for a craft beer brand.
 This is a 4th year graphic design project. The brief was to design a craft Beer brand. We had to aim the product at a very specific target audience. The audience I chose was Stylish hipsters. I designed my brand according to this target audience and worked from the concept of something traditional with a twist. I aimed at applying the idea of the twist in all the various applications. This craft beer is unique and can be enjoyed with a twist of lemon too.
Packaging box
Back of the bottles
Front of the bottles
A packshot of a few of the different designs together
Mu USP for this specific beer brand is that this beer can be enjoyed with a twist of lemon
This serves as a bottle opener as well as a lemon cutter
Closer look at the coaster
finger twister coaster
Overall look at the beer bottles. With the opener/lemon knife
Promo items: Coasters, hipster t-shirts and bags.
Flat label designs
flat designs of the inside of the packaging box
Flat Poster designs for the brand