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    'The World Turtle' is the setting for my next game project, 'Moments of Silence'.
My first fine art piece in months. 'The World Turtle' is the setting for my next game project, 'Moments of Silence', which I'm currently running a Kickstarter for. If you're at all interested in supporting the venture visit here:


Inspired by early alchemical imagery this illustration demonstrates the mythic relationship between the Cosmic Turtle and its prey and predator Sesa. Like the squid and the whale these two colossal celestial beings battle in the deep abyss of space in evenly matched bouts millenniums apart.

The World Turtle's age can only be ascertained by the technological advances of the civilization that habitats its massive back. Hosts to many beings the World Turtle is nearly planetary in size, and its parasitic hitch hikers compose humanoids and human-sized nematodes alike.

Sesa on the otherhand never ceases to grow, achieving monumental size over accumulative years. The wagtailed dragon will one day make a nest of a deceased World Turtle's shell, its offspring feasting on the turtle's remaining innards before launching into outer space in colorful streams resembling space born spaghetti.