The Minotaur - a semibull, the semiperson - was born from the love union of the tsarina of Crete Pasifai with a white bull who (on command of Posejdona) left the sea. Dedal, the founder of the smart device, allowed to satisfy a love heat of the queen, has constructed a labyrinth that in it to grind and hide the son-monster. The Minotaur ate human flesh; that him to feed, the king of Crete demanded from Athenes an annual tribute - seven young men and seven maidens. Tesey, decided to relieve the native land from a similar duty, was caused to go voluntary. That it has not lost the way in a labyrinth, the kings of Crete daughter Ariadna has given it a thread; the hero has killed minotaur and has managed to get out of a labyrinth.