Toby and Belle webcomics 2018
Shilla Duty Free contacted CDS to do a series of webcomics based on their existing characters, Toby and Belle. While they have introduced the characters in past years through illustrations, they wanted to give the characters more depth through a more dramatic storyline.
Outfit designs by Tan Hui Tian
Using a story outline provided by Shilla Duty Free's writers, we crafted out the five web-comics revolving a particular episode of the character's love story. Additional text on the Facebook provided by the Shilla Duty Free's in-house team. 
Toby and Belle were texting each other one day when Belle mentioned that she’s in Bali with her family. Toby misses Belle and wished he could be there with her. Just then, Toby saw an ad for flight tickets to Bali in the subway, and decided to fly to Bali to give Belle a surprise.

However, when Toby reaches Bali and calls Belle, he realised that he has made a mistake! Belle was referring to Taiwan’s Bali, not Indonesia’s Bali!

Realising that he has failed in surprising Belle, Toby told Belle that he is heading to Taiwan now, and would love to meet her. They decided to meet at Astoria Café in Taipei for tea. 
Toby finally got off the plane, and was on his way to meet Belle when he saw a cat clutching his chest and fainted shortly after. Toby was shocked and performed CPR on him as the cat was unconscious and not breathing.

The train station staff had already called for an ambulance, and when the paramedics came, they thanked Toby for saving the cat.

When Toby took out his phone to call Belle, he realised that the battery died.

Meanwhile at the café, Belle was trying to reach Toby for the last 1 hour to no avail, and she was getting impatient and angry.
 Feeling frustrated that Toby did not pick up her calls; Belle finished her coffee and was getting ready to leave the café when her father called her.

Her father told her that her brother had a seizure at a train station and was luckily saved by someone who knows CPR. Her brother’s condition is now stabilised and that she do not have to worry. She was told to go on with her urgent work assignment in Australia.

When Belle reached Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan, she thought back to what a tiring and terrible day this has been - from her brother having a close shave with death, to leaving her family vacation earlier for an urgent work assignment, to Toby being not contactable. Belle hopes that things will get better when she reaches Singapore for transit later.

Concurrently, back in Taiwan, Toby finally got a place to charge his phone, and when he tried to call Belle, Belle is already on her way to Singapore.
In Singapore Changi Airport…

Toby knows that Belle would go to Shilla Beauty Loft when she’s in transit in Singapore, so he went there to wait.

From far, he saw that Belle was getting a hand massage at La Prairie, and was thinking of ways to surprise her.

Belle was enjoying her massage when her phone’s notification sprang up with updated news.

At the same time, Toby was shopping at the Shilla Duty Free store for gifts for Belle. When he was browsing around, Belle checked her notification, and saw that Toby was the one who saved her brother!
Belle realised that Toby was the one who saved her brother, and that was why he stood her up. Just at that moment, Belle heard Toby’s voice.

Toby apologised to Belle with lots of gifts, and confessed to Belle that she is very important to him, and asked her to be his girlfriend!

And… Belle said yes to the applause of Shilla staff!

Storyline: Shilla Duty Free
Comic: Tan Hui Tian
Account Management & Script 1st Draft: KC Ng
Toby and Belle webcomics 2018

Toby and Belle webcomics 2018

CDS did the comics featuring Toby & Belle, Shilla Duty Free's characters as they pursue love during their misadventure across the globe.


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