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Change It Ourselves
Campaign & Website
Self-Initiated / Volunteer

Tasks: Concept, Project Management, Art Direction, Design, Marketing, Copywriting
Wanting to support the #changethedate campaign, I found that there were very little resources for the general public to use. I organised a team of volunteers to build a website to fill this gap as well as provide an easy to understand information resource for those new to the issue.

A number of businesses have joined to support the campaign including Lush Cosmetics, Sparkke, Marque LawyersOxfam, and Amnesty, and in January 2018 I gave 3 radio interviews about the initiative. The 3AW interview, the ABC Radio interview (my segment starts 1 hour in), and ABC's Jon Faine Interview (55 minutes in).

Visit changeitourselves.com.au to see the initiative.

As well as project managing, I also handled art direction and copywriting. This included directing Ben Sanders in created the poster series above, and Megan Nairn in creating the comic illustrations below.

Will Fifer developed the website with initial designs by Karl Rombauts and later refinement by me. The navigation animations shown below demonstrate the careful consideration to user experience that we focused on in the Take Part section of the site. These scrolling and animation touches prevent the user from becoming disorientated.

I also set up, managed, and developed content for a facebook and instagram account for the campaign. Below is a video shot by Joel Frances and edited by me. I appear in the video and wrote the script.

Above are a selection of graphics created or adapted for instagram and facebook posts.

Visit changeitourselves.com.au to see the initiative.