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Since I moved to the Mainland, friends have always tried to convince me to visit Maine. They described it as a peaceful and relaxing place, full of lush green forests during the summer and white snowy dreamy landscapes during the winter. It always kind of interested me but it was never on my priority list, but last Thanksgiving I decided to travel to Maine in search of a new adventure.

Located all the way northeast, sharing borders with Canada, it’s one of the coldest states. Its geographical location makes Maine the first state in the US to receive the morning sunlight. The landscape was a mix of barren leafless forests that turned green once we drove north from Rockport Bay to Acadia National Park. The sunrises were saturated with vibrant colors, amazing for aerial photography sessions at Rockport Bay.

Maine is known to have lighthouses everywhere. Breakwater Light House was the first lighthouse I’ve visited since I moved from Puerto Rico. Its location is ideal for aerial shots. From the air, the breakwater that holds the lighthouse offers an amazing view of the coast. The overhead shots, frontal shots and perspective shots, offer an easy to shoot beautiful composition that anyone with a good eye and a steady pair of hands can easily accomplish. The Megunticook summit view of its lake and small islands make this spot a must fly zone. I could easily capture overhead shots of the trees, the road and the small islands within just 20 minutes of hovering around the area.

Pemetic Mountain was my favorite hike. Once we arrived at the park the sense of tranquility was everywhere. It started with lush green trees as if fall never arrived, and after 25 minutes, we reached the summit. There, we were welcomed by an incredible panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean. To the west, the view of Jordan Pond reminded me of Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona. A huge body of water and an epic rocky texturized mountain view.

After Pemetic Mountain, we drove to Hunters Beach. Walking towards the beach, we followed a small trail that runs side by side with the Hunters Brook, a river that ends up connecting with the Pacific Ocean. The coast was filled with circular rocks that created a relaxing sound with the crashing waves. The high winds prevented me to take any aerial shots, I’m sure they would have been incredible. I guess I will have to come again someday in the future and check it out of my wishlist.

All the images were taken with a Fujifilm X-T2, Fujinon 35mm F1.4 and a Mavic Pro Drone. Processed on Adobe Lightroom.


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Since I moved from Puerto Rico to the Mainland, friends have always tried to convince me to visit Maine. They described it as a peaceful and rela Read More