I've made a list I'd like to share of
Deadly Beasts to be Aware of. 
This fish, I think, (and most agree)
Rules the vast and deep blue sea.
His rows of teeth glow in the dark,
The graceful, grinning. . .
With scales and claws and teeth like blades,
This beast kills fish and birds in spades.
Please don't get caught within a mile
Of creepy, crawly. . .
He's famous for his noisy tale,
His strength, his speed, and prey inhaled.
So if you hear that dreaded shake,
Don't stall, just run from. . .
With arms that punch and legs that leap,
A pouch for who-knows-what to keep,
This one's a monster through and through.
Don't trust the kicking. . . 
At first he doesn't look too evil,
But then you see his coat's all needle.
He's cruel and quick and cute combined.
His name, of course, is. . .
This clever beast, though full of charm,
Won't hesitate to do you harm.
And though he's quite intelligent,
You'll die if caught by. . .
Though she's known as Bambi's mother,
She's just as fierce as any other.
I'll warn you, please don't get too near
The mammal known to you as. . .
Don't overlook him 'cause he's small.
This one, perhaps, is worst of all.
Some even let him in their house
Despite the jillion germs on. . .
Around these creatures, please take care.
About these beasts, I say, "Beware!"
On my advice, you can depend.
I'll leave you now, and say. . . 

The End.