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    Typography design based book
  The project brief was to design a typography-based book with my own interpretation of the topic - it happened on this day. The date I chose was June 12, 2005. This is the day Steve Jobs made his famous commencement speech at Stanford University. The design look and feel is based on a 80's design style, because Apple was founded in the 80's. The typography design is based on computer programming formats.
Image of computer motherboards, edited according to the 80's colourscheme, are used straight through the designs. I love Apple badges were designed in celeration of Apple, as well as in support of the 80's feel. 
The entire speech was devided into three chapters: Connecting the dots, love and loss and death. Each chapter was designed into a different book. Each book has its own 80's inspired colourscheme. The HTML colours used in the book, are chosen specificly because this was the first colours used in computers.
Each book is packaged with the use of a sleeve that is designed to resemble 80's technology - the floppy disk. The circular shapes also resembles a typical Apple product.
The first chapter - Connecting the dots.
Photos were designed and manipulated to further enhace the 80's feel as well as convey the feeling of an old computer. The technique used makes it possible for two images to be viewed at the same time, by simply sliding the transparent, striped paper accross each image. 
Chapter two - Love and loss.
This chapter is about loss. The layout was specificly designed so that the text become less as the reader pages through. 
Chapter three - Death.
The third chapter's coloursheme is shades of grey, symbolising death.
80's inspired fonts were used throughout the designs.