ublik-om Tutorials

Tasks: Concept, Script, Design, Animation, Sound Design
Creating tutorials for use with my students at Swinburne University as well as browsers online, I have designed a primarily Micro Learning format to enhance speed of the message while further encouraging in depth understanding - as well as reference-ability for those in search of only a subset of the information.

Below are samples from a tutorial on storyboarding which can be found here.

While most of the currently developed tutorials run for 3-5 minutes, I believe this is far to long for the best learning. These videos are exceptions due to their necessity to discuss larger processes (as well as the need to consider YouTube channel viability), however, further tutorials are being developed that are more focused.

Various overlays were designed for use throughout all the animations. These describe user actions while maintaining the style for the videos. They're placement on screen is designed to prevent the viewer from shifting their gaze away from the action. This allows for improving information absorption while increasing pacing.

A timeline was designed to allow viewers to easily scrub in YouTube to access the part of the video they need (above).

A format for displaying additional information was also devised (below) to clearly provide context during the delivery. The screen splits to indicate a diversion from the main narrative.

As the videos are a personal project, some of the design elements were evolved over a number of videos. The first poster frame below was used in the initial videos while the style was eventually refined to the latter frames to focus on thumbnail readability and recognisability.