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    A website mockup for a Skateboarding portal.
A Skate Website Mockup

Sk8adelic is just a working title for a mockup made as a pitch to a few skate
        companies to create a skate portal for the Indian skater community.
            The idea is to promote Skate events as well as a possible store for
                      all the big and small skate stores to sell their merchandise. 

A hand-drawn logo variant
A more sober logo variant
Disclaimer: Please note.
This is just a mockup for a website, so the images used on this website were taken from Transworld Skateboarding and Thrasher magazine to be used just as placeholders, with no intention of selling this commercially or anything like that. If you recognise your image up here just drop me a mail at ousiadroid@gmail.com and I will be happy to take it down or replace it. 

The brand Sk8adelic is copyright to the owners. All rights reserved

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