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    The assignment is made as a pitch at my internship at Skybrud.dk Time 2 weeks Tools Adobe Photoshop CS5.5
RUM is a Danish architectural firm with offices in Horsens and Vejle, Denmark. They are specialized in architecture for buildings and landscapes, and they also offers creative user-participation-processes, inspiring lectures and thematic workshops.
Idea and solution
The boxes on the website contain the logo, the navigation and news. The boxes change to show that RUM creates unique and varying spaces tailored for each customer. Both the space of the boxes and the negative space around. “The space“ changes randomly every time the page is refreshed. For the sake of ease, I have chosen only 3 different versions, all in the same location on the site. That makes it easy to find the navigation and the logo, no matter how the page is refreshed.
RUM gets new customers through their cases and that is why I have chosen to priorize these. The background of the site presents their cases in a sequence with a short title describing each case. It is also possible to switch between the different cases by the arrow keys or clicking to see more pictures and info of the specific case. Additionally, you can see all the photos of the cases in a large size to get the best experience.
The assignment is made as a pitch at my internship at Skybrud.dk