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    Jacky's 'Where Is It?': An addictive and mind-challenging "hidden objects" game for iOS with award-winning art and clever concept.
Jacky's 'Where Is It?' | iOS Game for All Ages

Jacky's 'Where Is It?' was my idea of bringing an iconic Israeli newspaper-column, which is published for more than 50 years already, to the iPhone and iPad for the first time - as an interactive game for all ages.

Me and my partner, Roey Franco, collaborated with iPhSoft (software development) and Jacky Jackson - the famous artist of the column - to put together this idea and make it happen.

I was in charge to design all the elements of the app and produce every marketing material, including animations, videos, user-interface, promotional graphic assets, icons, sounds, programming and more. The app is a great success in Israel and worldwide, and very quick gained a lot of lovely coverage in the media, from newspapers to broadcast and online.

The app featuring award-winning drawings which are painted black and white with a unique style, humor and charm. Each drawing cleverly hides an element which seems to be part of the drawing, but isn't! The goal is to find all the illusions of faces, objects and animals on Jacky's drawings.

Reviewers rave:
** "Keep you entertained and wanting for more" (AppLatter)
** "Hours of fun, unique style, suitable for children and adults alike" (SmartApps)
** "Simple, entertaining, and visually delightful" (Apps4Kids)

Here is a link to download the game from the AppStore: