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    Animal Ink series. #behance #illustration
A little about myself-
Hello, my name is Shraddha Mandale and I am a 21-year-old creative soul stuffed with visuals, sparks, rainbows, fantasies and pizza.
I am an Advance applied art student studying in Sophia Polytechnic from Bombay, who loves pizza! Did I already mention that?

What is the thought process and behind the scenes of this series?
-I was working on a typography assignment where I wanted to explore as many mediums as I can. I ended up with a bottle of ink, sketching random animals. The thought of creating these ink series was about exploring the graphic style with various tools, now this is where the challenging part comes. Capturing a form with ONE stroke.

Tools used : 
-  I started off visualizing various forms and species of birds and other animals. After having a clear visual in my mind, My tools boldly manoeuvred with ink on the paper.
The tools include: Jet black ink, cartridge papers, Cut nibs, Chinese brush and candy sticks.
-This one style, is something I needed it to be an instant. To come up with these series, I’d made a point to consistently create one illustration/sketch each day. (Believe it or not), It hardly took me seconds to complete the final sketch. Excluding the hours spent before perfecting each stroke.
The Animal Ink series recently got featured in Inspiro India Magazine.
The link is down below :)