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Final Major Project - SSU
(Autumn 2009 - Spring 2010)
The goal of the project is to open peoples eyes to the amazing details and beauty of winter. The project consists of a series of interviews, information graphicsand a whole lot of photography.
(For photos, see Final Major part 2)
The cover of the book is laser engraved, and the back cover also contains 6 lasercut and engraved snowcrystals that the reader can take out and study.
A big thanks to the following for participating in project interviews:

- Anita Verpe Dyrrdal & Steinar Eastwood (Norwegian Meteorological Institute)
- Carlos Wagner (Ice Climber)
- Joachim Langbrekke Larsen (Icebar Oslo)
- Lt. Commander Harald Østbye (Norwegian School of Winter Warfare)
- Koldbjørn Sando (Outdoorsman and scoutmaster)
Also thanks to David Stevens at Citybinders London for great help with the binding