• Three Five Seven
    One prime creative

    For this project I had to design an identity for me asa designer. The project included a name, logo, business card,letterhead, quotation form, fax form, data sheet, poster, and apromotional gift. For my surname is Priem, I have chosen the concept Prime andplayed with the different meanings of the word. My slogan is taken from themeaning of the word prime as an attribute: of best possible quality.

    Also using with the concept of prime numbers, which are onlynumbers that can be evenly divisible only by itself and one. Throughout myproject the non prime numbers are eliminated and only prime numbers are used.Trough this elimination, a pattern is formed, this pattern becomes a designelement in my project.

    The photographs also contribute to the concept. Through showing how prime numbers can onlybe divided through itself and one.

  • Data sheet
  • Business card
  • Business card has a magnate so it works as a paperclip
  • Letterhead
  • Laser cut pattern for only prime numbers to show
  • Invoice form back
  • Invoice form front
  • Fax form
  • DVD pocketĀ 
  • Application one: rulers with only prime numbers
  • Application two: Pencil case with note book which explains the concept behind 357
  • Application three: Tote bag
  • Application four: T-Shirt
  • Poster 3
  • Poster 1
  • Poster 2