Body Call - Channel 4
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    First video clip made by Place and Young. I hope go to like this new version of theme "Body Call". Let sing and dancing!
BODY CALL - Channel 4 / Random Acts
Modeling, Rigging & Animation
We have enjoyed doing a this fantastic music video for Channel 4 Random Acts from England. 
Mixing 20 characters, 2D and 3D a beauty crazy project. Lets see and dancing!
Disfrutamos realizar este fantástico video clip para Channel 4 Random Acts de Inglaterra. 
Mezclando 20 personajes 2D y 3D, un loco y lindo projecto. ¡Veánlo y bailemos!
Character Modeling & Rigging
Some Frames. Some Captures
Director: Place.
Modeling: Julio Velazquez, Eloy Krioka, Franco Carlesimo, Miguel Cortina.
Rigging: Julio Velazquez Franco Carlesimo.
3D Animation: Julio Velazquez, Eloy Krioka, Miguel Cortina.
2D Animation: Eloy Krioka.
Lighting, Render, Edition & Composition: Eloy Krioka.
Music: Frank Eddie "Body call".
Agency: Young.