INFECTION | Graduation Project 2016
Graduation Project, 2016

With the increasing development of information technology and Internet, people's life became more and more convenient, but at the same time people excessively depended on modernization achievements, social interaction and personal life began to become single, it exposed some weaknesses of human nature. These weaknesses infected and spread among people like viruses, causing negative impacts on physical and mental health of people living in the modern times. Some designers and artists who were aware of this phenomenon at home and abroad began to make some attempts to warn and change the situation. I was inspired by this, so I hoped to make some attempts by my professional knowledge. This design combined virus forms with present social phenomena to make graphical exploration and reveal the social phenomena which have negative influence.

In the field of biology, the virus can be parasitic in host cells. Similarly, if human activities were considered as the host, thousands of "viruses" also existed in society and they affected everyone imperceptibly. I chose five negative social phenomena typically as the virus:reproduction hormones, saliva bacteriophage, sluggishness whirlpool, solitude particle, mask bacteria.Five "viruses" as the carrier, revealed negative social phenomena causing by excessively dependence on the achievement of modernization. This design reminded people that we should rationally treat with Internet, information technology and other emerging modern tools, make them entering into normal human life reasonably but not dominating human life.
This is my first animation video that isn't so good enough. Anyway,thanks for help from Dr. Chen, my friends, Dr.Hu and all guys who helped me.