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    Fanzine - Graphic Novelty
La Traicion 

An history that could make you drop a tear. 

In nowadays we assiste, perhaps the most ridiculous sale business in the 21 century. The star wars is sold to disney and now, we´re seeing the Darth Vader and the all Jedi Knights change their weapons to stars and butterflies with the purpose of fighting an giant flour to save the world. 

This has nothing to deal with the history, only to contextualize the three characters and the type of plot. 
In a fictional world, an homosexual couple dressed like Miki and Gofi, they met in a queer bar that serves portuguese food and drinks. (Miki and Gofi are the new version of Mickey Mouse and Goofy from the Walt Disney pictures. With a scary faces they use a hat wich represents the ionic hears from those characters.) 

Still in the bar, they star to fantasy wich one sexual, and Miki fantasy de servant that works in that place. Gofi that is fantasy with Miki realizes that this one is betraying him (in thoughts) with the employe. Put this, when Miki return from is ilusion, realize that Gofi is not longer in his chair, because is all the way home sad and alone. The loneliness is settled in Miki´s heart.  

The entire project development was made with a pen, ink, a pencil, a scanner, decadry, photoshop and a lot of patience. This Fanzine is digital printed and the cover is a fluor paper. Those who cried with this mexican novelty, and want a print can contact whenever you want.   

Thank You and the best regards.