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    educational game to teach touch typing and recognition of letters
gameplay screen showing the feedback for clicking a good letter and the next letter
educational video game designed to teach kids touch typing and make first steps in recognizing letters.
in this game the score constantly drops. the player can stop it by hitting successfully the letters of the given word, one by one. the open database of words allows teachers and parents to manipulate and play with the content that is presented to the player. 

it has three difficulty levels that measures different skills. 
at the first stage, the player can see the letters they are supposed to hit. this stage focuses on teaching the identification of letters. on the second stage, the letters are hidden from the player during the play, so that they need to remember them. this way the player will plan his way ahead and memorize the location of the letters on the keyboard. at the third stage, the player would have to know the word itself and its letter up ahead.

the gameplay is highly inspired by Press the Spacebar game

developed during my time at Holon Institute of Technology
second difficulty stage. the word is revealed to the player only before starting the game
third difficulty stage. the word doesnt come up at all and the player has to recognize it and hit the letters