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    Play, mix and shuffle inbetween the history, design & craft in the 21st century.

"Shah Mat" or "Chess" as we know it is one of the most intelligent and the oldest board games in the world.
Known to the world since about the 6th century, arrived to Europe at around 1000 ac from the East, probably from Persia. The rules were almost as we know them today, from around 1475. The Design convention is being preserved since 1849 into the 21st century. Persian chess sets were carved by hand and were very simple, iconic and minimalistic, at the Middle Ages the carving became extravagant and ornamental - little scaled sculptures of the characters and at the 19th century ,when the public demand for industrial products grew, the design became as we know it today, simple, iconic but with a certain lack of character identity.
I've decided to to play with this knowledge - mix and shuffle a bit in order to discover the missing link between the designs.
(The process, photo by Oded Antman)
(The process and the characters, photo by Oded Antman)
(From 6th to 21st and inbetween, photo by Oded Antman)