Préstamo Express Redesign Brand Manual
Préstamo express
Este proyecto de rediseño se pensó como un poryecto academico debido a que se veia potencial en la empresa y el cambio que se le hizo es para bien levantando el nombre de la empresa y mejorando varios aspectos en el ambito comercial. Como parte del rediseño, se modernizó la imagen ademas de hacerla más simple para su uso en diversos tipos de aplicaciones en la vida cotidiana.
This redesign project was made for an academic purpose, this is because I saw the potential in the business and the change of image that was made to the graphic identity was made for better, raising the name of the corporation and developing many features in the commercial point of view. As part of the redesign, I renewed the logo and I also made it much easier to use for everyday utilization.
Brand Manual
Prestamo Express is a company that was founded in 1962, opening their first local, under the notion of a jewelry and clock store. This business occupied one of the first places in the market selling a high number of items, launching their own jewelry trademark; OROCEL.
Their success continued until 1995 when because of the economic situation of Mexico, the nation asks for the trade of gold, making Prestamo Express the safest option to do this after the Nacional Monte de Piedad closed because of unconformity in the company.
After some time the people started to ask not the sell, but the pawn as a service, this was how this corporation changed to the first pawn shop.
The customer of Prestamo Express has the confidence of finding always having a good value for their objects, and also they offer more money for them. The interest rates are competitive and the customer always knows how and how much he has to pay for them.
Because of all these things Prestamo Express is a partnership with a big expanding rate since the beginning. Nowadays they have 160 shops all over Monterrey and the north of Mexico. 
I decided to redesign because of many things involving the missing dynamic vision and identity on the trademark. When you look at the Logo there is not any key element that gives you an idea of personality and individuality on the market. Also, I noticed that the old logo uses only a very old typography. I made a color study between the shop and its rivals and I noticed it was a lot less attractive than other logos.
The original logo has a serif type with a very little x box, this can be seen in the accent. Also, it is a bold and open type. The inferior part of the letter is very thin, and that is a problem when you want to make printed items. On the actual market, it is used to apply sans-serif types. The dynamic appearance of the logo is diminished because there is no change of speed on the letters making it boring. Also, this type has too much contrast and that does not help at the time to print.
The redesign was basically to give an identity to the shop, I wanted to make a symbol to identify fast the trademark. That's why I performed a diamond that has a meaning, the typography used was Sofia Pro with different weights.
The diamond was design thinking about the American symbol of a pawn shop that show their 3 different functions. This idea was adapted and applied to a diamond that represents the 3 functions of the shop, these 3 parts are covered by a trapezoid that symbolizes a roof, so this house covers 3 functions. Also, the diamond represents expensive things that are usually the kind of things sell on the pawn shop.
The typography as mentioned is Sofia Pro, I searched a Sans Serif typography because this type is clear and has many uses. The weight changes on Prestamo and Express to give a sense to the trademark. And finally, the 3 functions of the business are displayed on the bottom of the name.
Original Vs Redesign
Construction of the logotype
The process of making the logo passed by many modifications and diverse styles always working on the idea of showing the 3 functions of the of the business. All the ideas were formed at a conceptual level, but only the final idea was made digitally. 
Isolation Area
Color Palette
Black and Withe Logo
Negative Logo
Principal Typography
Secondary Typography
Este proyecto fue hecho con fines académicos sin fines comerciales
This project was made for academic purposes and no-comertial purpouses
Préstamo Express Redesign Brand Manual

Préstamo Express Redesign Brand Manual

This is an academic project of the redesign of the visual identity of the Mexican pawn shop Presto Express


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