I have been using Squarespace for many of my website projects.

The Bishop Wheeler Catholic Academy Trust is made up of 10 Catholic schools in the Leeds, Ilkley and North Yorkshire area of the United Kingdom.

I have designed 9 of their websites using Squarespace
What I Like about the Websites
* The websites share a common visual identity and the footer is recognisable as part of The Bishop Wheeler Catholic Academy Trust
* The bold colours on each of the different websites' title bars
* I noticed when working on the site there is a big overlap with my display work - this 're-purposing' of content has led to increased efficiency for me as    a designer. For example, the content on St. Mary's Menston Sports Day display was able to be turned into a web page quickly.
* The sites are well integrated with their social media channels such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram
* It is very easy to embed comments
* The images are 'retina sharpness'
* The blog and pages are relatively straightforward for staff to edit
* The SEO is very good for the websites and individual articles rank highly on Google
* The pages are responsive

The new websites have been a success and have been praised by Directors of the Trust, Priests, Parents and Carers and pupils.

Future Potential Improvements
* Using https
* Using http2
* AMP pages for news pages(Squarespace have this as a beta feature)
* Hopefully it will become easier to move (republish) a blog post from one website to another. I would often use of this feature.
* Uploading short videos directly to the website