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As a part of ux designer Liz Wells' There Is No Process workshop this fall, I created an alternative to self-guided touring at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY.
After conducting a series of interviews with both visitors and employees at the museum I was able to determine a pattern of issues regarding wayfinding, exhibits being left unseen or misunderstood, and outdated modes of information sharing. 
The solution needed to be accessible across a range of different ages and levels of ability, easily understood,
and up to date with modern technology.
The Solution:
I created a web page that offers a series of self-guided tours right in the palm of the user's hand.
By converting Docent tours to different series of short and streamlined podcasts, visitors of the museum are able to choose what they see and how fast they're working their way through each exhibit. This allows visitors to get as much valuable and correct information as they can.