WORKING WITH A BROTHER - Solo exhibition
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WORKING WITH A BROTHER - Solo exhibition
DPH / Huesca, Spain / 2017

Brosmind: Working with a brother presents the artistic work of the brothers Juan and Alejandro Mingarro.The retrospective reflects on the importance of the fraternal bond that exists between the brothers and describes how the present work can be considered an extrapolation of the childhood creations. 
During his childhood, Juan and Alejandro already formed a prolific creative pair that could be considered as the germ of what is now its visual and conceptual universe. This fact personifies the essence of Brosmind, and is of great importance both in the contents that generate and in the mechanics of work. The exhibition invites the public to learn about the origins of Brosmind and to compare them with their current work to discover the connections and parallels between the two universes. 
The visitor can discover and interact with the Brosmind universe through interesting interventions in space that contemplate all kinds of techniques and supports.

Photos by Javi Broto