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    Exploring photography with no spatial references, without scale.
Exploring photography with nospatial references, without scale. Face and sky are just objects, just like anyothers, with no background, relating only to themselves. Both are terrains withno scale, internal topographies, without mesure.
The idea for this project came froma desire to portray without revealing identities or geographical locations. Itis practically impossible to know anything about the photographed people, theirfaces appear to look at the camera without seeing it, without reacting. Thesame happens with the skies: it is impossible to determine the scale of theclouds, their position, their coordinates. To portray without unveiling,hiding.
If Photography can help usunderstand the world, it can also illude us, fool us, stop us from seeingbeyond the still image. This is an ensemble in which each images closes initself, leaving no space for second guessing. Raw images.
FBAUP. May 2011.