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    Client personal branding
Draft One:  Mike approached me wanting to improve his personal branding and
style; he wanted something that would set him apart from other ministry job seekers. Here's what he wanted to communicate: competent and relevant but not simply trendy, professional but not overly serious, knowledgable but approachable. Essentially, Mike wanted an employer to understand that he is fully capable of the rigor and intellectual demands of ministry but he is not a stuffy seminarian.  

My goal for the first draft was to give Mike several options and find out which designs he felt best communicated these ideas. I proceeded with styles that looked modern yet didn't come across as stodgy.  

My favorite headers were the round navy seal and pinstripes and blue shield with Didot type and faint wooden background due to their clean, simple and refined look.

Draft Two:  Mike preferred the simple Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold with gray-scale and accent color along with a subtle grunge design, but he wasn't sure about the accent color. For the second draft I played with several variations.  

Of these, I most liked the burgundy header sans the grunge background.  The design is simple and to the point while the color catches attention and its darker tone denotes a measure of maturity.  

Final:  Here's the final business card design and layout for a ministry resume.  The original resume included a gray-scale photo of Mike and his wife at the bottom of the right-hand column, however, for privacy I removed the image.