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Decided to take another whack at the minimalist movie poster series. My last series seemed to be quite a hit, but more importantly, in the years since my last series I've learned a bit more. Namely, that a project like this is great practice for graphic designers. I believe that, as someone who develops logos, a project like this helps with critical thinking, and is good practice for developing symbolism that says much with little. The idea here is to market each film with a symbol, scene, or object that captures the whole scope of the film and reminds the viewer of their experience, or lack thereof, with each film. That is paralleled in developing identities where we, as designers, develop symbols that capture the whole scope of what our client is trying to market.

This project revitalized my ability to think about symbolism, the art of visual communication, saying more with less, and my process for developing logos.  Enjoy!
UPDATE: This project was featured in an article at!