The Charm of Artisanal Teawares
150 x 210mm

The Charm of Artisanal Teawares is a book on tea culture and the art of artisanal teawares, unveiling the beauty and aesthetic aspects of art in quotidian life.

The East is an area with a long history of tea cultures. Legends of the tea masters, teawares, and traditional artisans have been passed down through generations. People’s passion for tea has never faded. A cup of tea renders us a serene moment from the hustle and bustle of the busy city to refresh our body, mind, and spirit. The Charm of Artisanal Teawares has invited the famous Taiwanese tea master Li Shuyun and 10 distinguished teaware artists from Japan and China to share their own tea stories and experiences. This book embraces the age-old art of tea and pays tribute to all those traditional artisans.

In this book, Li Shuyun, a tea master performing tea ceremony for over 20 years, tells us her views on tea and teawares from a unique perspective. Ten teaware artists from China and Japan, ranging from ceramic artists to porcelain artists, glass artists and silver art artists, inherit the ancient crafts and protect them from being engulfed by industrial machines. With their hands, they create a cup or a pot bearing unique shape and texture. The book captures the moments where we are awed not just by the beautiful shape of the teawear, but the heart and soul that the artists have put into their craft—a beauty that goes straight to one’s heart.

150 x 210mm