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    Clarity is dedicated to raising awareness that pinguecula, pingueculitis, and pterygium can now be treated without surgery and only using eye dro… Read More
    Clarity is dedicated to raising awareness that pinguecula, pingueculitis, and pterygium can now be treated without surgery and only using eye drops! Read Less
#1 Remedy To Fix Pinguecula Without Surgery

This project is dedicated to raising awareness about the option of treating pinguecula with eyes drops instead of surgery! It wasn't that long ago there was no eye drop remedy for pinguecula conditions. This piece is dedicated to the researchers who have now impacted thousands of lives, and so we rightfully named it Clarity! Without further ado...

Welcome To Clarity!

This is what pinguelitis looks like WITHOUT painful removal surgery....Gone!!! No more extreme dry eyes, no more yellow spots, or bumps in the whites of your eyes. In 2012 a lone researcher discovered something extraordinary from a drug usually taken in pill form to treat angina. He discovered that adding a low concentration of the heart drug dipyridamole can treat eye disorders like pinguelitis from an overly active Pinguecula condition or pterygium. Before the only option was surgery, and pumping steroids into your eyes.

What is Pinguecula?

Pinguecula is a deposit of protein and fat in the conjunctiva. Which is different from pterygium a fleshier eye condition which can move onto the cornea. Thankfully, both of which are noncancerous growths. Why we get pterygium or pingueculitis isn't fully understood, but the condition has been linked to frequent overexposure to sunlight, dust, wind, or contaminants in contact lenses.

What's the difference between pinguecula and pterygium?

Often times a pterygium actually grows from a pinguecula which is a bump or yellowish area on the conjunctiva part of the eye. The growth that arises from a pterygium is a growth having more of a flesh like growth extending over the cornea. Besides the cosmetic side effects this growth can end up causing problems with your vision, so do not take it lightly. 

What's the difference between pinguecula and pingueculitis?

When yellow patches or a bump on the conjunctive part eye from pinguecula gets irritated they cause what's called pingueculitis. So pingueculitis is a result of pinguecula, and not a separate condition.

Can a pinguecula or pterygium be cancerous?

While these symptoms are irritating they are generally not cancerous. However Iris melanoma  can sometimes be seen as little dark spots on the eye. As with any changes in your health you should always seek advice from a medical professional. 

Can a pinguecula cause me to go blind?

This is a touchy subject as pinguecula can cause other growth across the cornea. But because pinguecula itself doesn't actually cover the cornea the answer generally speaking is no. 

How much do eye drops with dipyridamole cost?

The prices vary from vendor to vendor. It can range from $55 to $100's depending on the quality and concentration. However we recommend getting yours from a reputable source like pingueculaeyedrops.com as they use the same concentration researchers have been using to get results. The dosage is so low it's almost holistic at about 1/50000 the amount used to treat heart problems like angina. These are considered safe levels and are diluted in a saline solution.

How long will it take to completely heal a pinguecula or pterygium?

Relief of irritating eye symptoms can come within the first few days of use. However, deep healing changes are gradual and can be measured by your ophthalmologist. A complete remission or removal can take up to a year. 

In conclusion

When it comes to your health or very sensitive parts of your body like your eyes, you should always seek the advice of a medical professional to avoid a misdiagnosis. Thank you for reading and thank you again to the researchers changing so many lives! Vision is key to Clarity!