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Projekat HUB Prijepolje se bavi  promovisanjem preduzetničke kulture među mladim ljudima u zajednici pružajući učenicima/ama priliku da istraže i rade na preduzetničkim idejama i razviju praktične veštine.

Projekat predstavlja kreativni prostor za mlade, smešten u prostorijama Tehničke škole na kojem će biti angažovani mladi volonteri i stručnjaci koji će raditi sa učenicima/ama srednjih škola.

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HUB ideja u jednoj slici by Nacrtani
Detalj iz HUB-a tokom organizovanja Internacionalne posete 
HUB is creative ambient which is designed to provide necessary support and inspiration to young person to convert ownentrepreneurial idea into reality. This is a place in Prijepolje where young person can go to work on a plan which can be the change in the community, learn to think “out of the box”, interact with others and work on his/her dream. Basically, the HUB is designed to facilitate process where ideas go to work. Our inovative space is placed in Tecnical school Prijepolje. It works with highschool studetns. Follow us on our facebook page. 
International study visit from UK and Libya  to our HUB. We were recognized as one stop with a good practices for young people. 
Amma Mensah UK, from Beyond The Classroom tells us about her experience in HUB Prijepolje: 
"Visiting the ‘Hub Centre’, created and run by a group of young people in Prijepolje, was like looking into Beyond The Classroom’s Serbian mirror! Though based in a school, this curriculum supplement programme is far more bespoke and sophisticated than the formal education provided by the state. Young people are not simply given opportunities, they are provided with the skills and tools to seek opportunities themselves!
Admir, a member of the youth parliament and a community youth worker is super energised, quirky, ditsy, Serb. Often away with the fairies, but always with the people! Simply place an ‘e’ at the end of his name to gain an idea of the impact he is having on his community!
With his responsibility comes the difficult job of balancing the interests of the young people he supports with political agendas. But Admir is not the only such maverick in Prijepolie…
Edo is an honest, open and passionate youth worker and coordinator at the Hub Centre. He has little regard for party politics but every motivation to ‘do stuff’! In my opinion Admir, Edo and their colleague Atko epitomise social entrepreneurship. Together they make a formidable team, clearly capable of achieving amazing things!"