Harley White
ART 291Computer Graphic Design I
Project Title: AmericanTheatre 2013 Spring Season Brochure Design and Logo Redesign

Concept Statement: I had three conceptideas for this project: A pink and green design with flowers on it, I gave upon this one half way through because I am not fond of pink and I thought it wasto feminine for a brochure intended for men and women. The second was a corkboard design with a red logo instead of White; I dropped this Idea because Icouldn’t find a way to use a textured background that didn’t make it hard toread the smaller bits of text, also the color red was too harsh on the darkbrown cork board color but white was hard to look at after a few minutes ofreading.
So, theconcept I went with was a green, blue and black, abstract shaped design.

Description of Project: I chose the colorgreen because it fit with the spring season theme and blue because I think theycomplement each other well, black and white for contrast. I used repetition of squares,triangles, rectangles and circles throughout the design to make it appealing. Ioriginally only had squares on it but it felt like it needed some variety andcircles did the job, I already had a circle on the logo and putting them inother places just made sense.
I have fewerangles and no triangles on the inside because when too many shapes were closeto that much text it looked hectic and thrown together. I have colors repeated fromfront to back, and I used the same black box on the months as I used on seasonspecials on the inside fold.
I used thefont Myriad Pro bold, italic and regular in varying scales and angles to createvisual hierarchy with in the text so that I wasn’t depending solely on theabstract shapes.

Process: I started by doing a spellcheck on the required text, resizing images and making a dummy so I would knowwhat my margins, folds, size and panels would be before trying to put ittogether in InDesign. Then I got my document set up in the program, had tofigure out how it was going to print and what I had to do to make it printdouble sided. I did my paragraph and character styles and set my grid lines upthen worked through two concepts before I got to the one I stuck with, and thenI fine-tuned it. I did test prints along the way and found out that some colorswhere to light or to bright, and some shapes worked better then others, I foundout that the inside of my brochure was boring compared to the outside, and Ifind out that I had to turn the inside content upside down for it to printright-side up.

Description of Composition: In thiscomposition I have unity and variety with text styles, colors, shapes, scalesand lines on the front. I tried to make each panel capable of standing alonewhile still working with each other when looked at as a whole.
The focalpoints are as follows:
· Front, Logo (It’s the most intricate shape)
· Inside Fold, “Season Specials” (It has the mostcontrast)
· Back, “The American Theatre” (Brightest color andbiggest text)
· All Inside panels, months first, titles of shows andimages very (contrast makes the months first, size and color for the rest)
For balanceI used a mixture of asymmetrical and symmetrical because I needed order on theinside to keep it readable and easy to understand, and on the outside I neededsomething eye catching. The inside is more symmetrical do to the paragraphstyles, color panels and amount of text.

The Logo: Forthe logo redesign I used a serif  “A” and “T” combined with a square and a circle so thatIt would be interesting and have some contrast between strait and curved lines.