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  • Blindness is the incapability condition to see due to physiological or neurological factors. Mobility is oneof the highest challenges these people face day after day: going to thesupermarket, walking on the street, getting directions, getting onto publictransport, etc.
    The main aim of the project is to provide them the necessarily freedomthey need to do their everyday tasks, promoting physical effort. This objectwill answer questions via Bluetooth by an intelligent personal assistant,notify different obstacles using sensors and guide the person to any place theywant with GPS navigation system, and will have a power generating technologyactivated while walking. 
  • Pro.motionis a walking guide stick designed for visual impaired people. It is divided in4 diferent parts:
          - RubberHandle: designed with an ergonomic shape to grab it easily and show the userhow it should be          grabbed. One on/off button will be included.
          - Centralcontrol: Here we will find almost all of the technologies applied to the smartstick (GPS, Bluetooth,        Sim Card, Camera)
          - Sensor: Thiswill be located in another part of the stick to take advantage of the wave’sradious.
          - Rubber tip:A piezoelectric tip will be added at the end of the stick to generate powerenergy while hiting          the floor.

    The materialchosen for the stick’s design is fiberglass, due to it’s low weight, best inflexural strenght and durability, and better in tactile transmission andeconomy comparising to other materials.
    The productalso includes a Bluetooth headset and a wall charger for battery recharding.
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