Museum Valkenburg Reception Area
Color Consultancy & Wayfinding Design
Museum Land van Valkenburg is a museum in the south of Holland that combines local history with modern art that has a link with the region in its presentations. The museum is located in the touristic center of Valkenburg and is a place to experience the whealth of cultural production and history of the region. 
Recently the strategic direction of the museum evolved towards a more modern programme with a stronger focus on modern art. The goal for the wayfinding project was to update the existing wayfinding system in such a way that it communicates the new mission of the museum. The solution of a bold bright color sheme combined with bold signs and modern typeface is an expression of the new energy that flows through the museum. In the new design color is used on a large scale to carry the signs and texts: whole walls become signs. The wayfinding project is part of a larger project to create a new brand experience for the museum. The project also includes a new corporate identity that is applied to all communication: invitations, posters, ads etc. 
Rendering of the entrance area.