Combining BSK’s proud heritage with their innovative, modern approach, Söderhavet created a simple yet effective brand identity based on graphic elements inspired by and made of the agency’s’ architectural drawings. As part of the assignment, we also delivered a digital concept and design of a new corporate website.
BSK Architects are well-known for their innovative approach and solid structural knowledge. Their aim is to create physical spaces that are personal and at the same time tell brand-building stories.
The new identity is designed to be informative, the objective was to create a design system that was easy to use and with a few elements so the projects speak for themselves with strong imagery. We also added a communicative graphic element that can be used as an icon or in an ore communicative way to reach out to the audience, and strengthen BSK A´s brand recognition. The graphic elements are made of the shapes of the drawings architects work with every day, getting back to the core and an easy and inspiring way to be able to communicate the specific objects or properties.

BSK A´s digital presence is based on the firm’s core values and its proud heritage, which is communicated throughout all the fantastic projects they have created since the very beginning.

By combining the main graphic elements such as the ‘BSK A yellow’, the architectural icons, and a strong, clear typography with a straight forward tone of interaction, we generated brand conditions fit for future challenges.