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    Finalist of the 2009 "El Sofa Latino" furniture design competition, organized by MANIFESTO and the Universidad de Palermo (Argentina).
by Vinicius de Abreu e Carvalho and Santiago Daniel Calonga.

Silllón Dos, one of the finalists of the 2009 "El Sofa Latino" competition, organized by MANIFESTO - Universidad de Palermo. The competition asked for a piece of furniture - chair, chaise, couch and the such - that somehow reflected the Latin America. What we applied was the striking duality there is between low and high lifestyles in Latin America. This is specially visible in architecture, with state-of-the-art concrete marvels that can be found within a 10 minute walk from the closest slum.

Built from a cold steel rod geometric skeleton and bearing a huge, cozy leather cushion. "Dos" also means "two" in spanish, hence the name.
The 1:10 scale model made for the competition.
The steel rod skeleton was mocked-up with thin galvanized wire.
As part of the creative process the authors rose this sofa-installation from a pile of demolition waste - mainly solid clay bricks - found on a vacant lot. On the photo Santiago (left) and Vinicius (right) pose accompanied by a homeless man that at the time lived at the lot where the sofa was built.