I have heard that all the customsdeveloped by our ancestors have been based on science, but to understandscience has always been a tough task for me unless I am aware of itsapplication in daily life. Hence, to inspire myself, I thought of looking at itfrom the fun and colorful side.

This is a Metatron's Cube divided into layers of festive colors. It is themost sacred geometry known to mankind since centuries whose understanding isof utmost necessity to unveil thesecrets of the universe hidden in the 'Flower of Life'.

This structure is completely madewith paper and has variety of applications:
- Can be used as a Rangoli during Diwali
- Can be placed around a candleduring Christmas
- Can be hung for decorative purposesduring festive-eves
- Can be printed on t-shirts
- Can be framed on a wall
and many more...

- A single-piece constructionsuitable for any celebration
- No assembly required
- Compact
- Easy to carry and store

 ----------------------------- Luminous Version ------------------------------
----------------------------- KONA Exhibition -----------------------------
Jor Bagh, New Delhi, India
January 2013
----------------------------- The Making Process ------------------------------