Top-Entry Litter Box designed with ultimate comfort in mind
Adapted to feline behavior

The large opening in the lid has smooth edges and is also big enough for larger cats. Inside there is plenty of space for the cat to roam freely. By placing the short side of the litter box against a wall you encourage the cat to jump on the specially adapted lid.

The lid of the Top Cat is stable and safely secured with two hinges and a latching lock.
It has been designed with the safety of the cat in mind, and will not tilt or move when the cat jumps on top of it. 

Daily maintenance of the seamless interior litter box is easy. All you need to do is tilt the lid - or fix it vertically, scoop, and that's it! The Scoopy can easily be fixed using the hook on the interior side of the lid. Positioning the scoop on the hook inside makes sure that dust and dirt particles will land in the box itself after scooping. When all of the litter needs to be replaced, the lid can swiftly be removed, and thanks to the integrated handles the box can be easily lifted and tilted to pour out the dirty litter. 
Top Cat

Top Cat

Top Cat a smart top entry litter box.