A testament to the power of the American spirit and a sprawling epic of immense proportions, Steven Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ takes us straight to the heart of our nation’s sixteenth president and the trials faced during his term in office. Channeling the quiet passion evoked in the film, the Lincoln website immerses the visitor in the White House of the mid-19th century utilizing emotive imagery, stately formatting and a poignant score.

Fusing the site together is a seamlessly smooth interface, allowing visitors to move between pages without menu visitation and complementing the visual experience with effortless browsing. Leveraging new techniques within the framework of HTML5 and jQuery, users are also able to easily access the site across the gamut of mobile devices, exhibiting versatility across all platforms and contributing to the huge mobile accessibility percentage of 31%. Navigation includes fluid transitions and structured text display reminiscent of the time period; together, these integrated features create a widespread appeal for history buffs and casual movie-goers alike.