I was approached with the challenge of designing a branding campaign for Vinova Animal Haven of Charlotte. The name itself is a combination of two latin words meaning life and new. The thing that sets Vinova apart from other shelters in the area is that it will be a no kill shelter that will accept all dogs and cats. With that in mind I set about creating a branding that would reflect the warmth and affection that is shown at this shelter.
Vinova Logo - Black and White
Vinova Logo - Earth-tone colors
Custom business card - Front
Custom business card layout - Back
Vinova bumper / car window sticker - Dog Version
Vinova Bumper Sticker / Car window sticker - Cat Version
Promotional Flyer Ver. 1
Promotional Flyer Ver. 2
Custom Wordpress themed website - Homepage
Custom Wordpress Site - Links and dropdowns active
Adoption detail page layout