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    Concept proposal for a Digital Back compatible with classic MF cameras.
Digital Back concept for 35mm film cameras
Proposal for a Digital Back compatible with classic film cameras.

  Simplicity lies at the core of this concept, while placing an emphasis on the essentials of photography.
 An existing film camera can be converted to a digital capture device, all shutter controls and metering abilities remain unchanged from the base camera, the Digi-Back only replaces the film with a sensor.

 Features and functions are kept to a minimum, the Digi-Back provides several choices of film stock and the ability to review your shots.
The removable film cover can be replaced with a modern sensor unit.
  With the modularity of mechanical cameras the photographer has a completely flexible system. Sensors can be replaced based on the photographers choice. Users could select several Sensor types, such as Black & White, Infrared, or Foveon.
The digital back with screen and controls replace the standard film cover door, while the battery pack and additional electronics take the place of the optional motor drive.