'Stop the Blame, Play the Game'

An infographic presenting some of the positives of the video game industry.
Produced at the time of the 2010 UK general election when campaigners were willing to listen, the aim was to improve the often negative government view of the games industry.
The mood boards presented video game imagery that would be familiar to the target audience, establishing a common bond to keep the viewer watching would be vital to the message being put across.
Originally designed to play out like levels in a video game, I felt that it was becoming too complicated for the message to stand out. I decided to simplify the structure of the piece into three simple stages, and also to incorporate a slogan that would help conclude this and also future works relating to the campaign.
Although quite a few retro games (and related imagery) are referenced in the animation, there were numerous others that were considered during the design process. In the above example you can see ideas based around the games 'Breakout', 'Lode Runner', 'Ant Attack', 'Ghostbusters', as well as the different shapes found on various controllers.
The conclusion of the piece features the recurring blue, red and yellow colours used to represent the main three political parties. I wanted to show that an attack on the games industry is subsequently an attack on the areas of interest that the government claims to defend.
Putting together a storyboard of scenes that have interesting transitions is always one of my favourite parts of the production.
I made up this retro style game box based on the old Atari packaging to use in my presentation of the piece.