Swift - The Luggage Trailer for smaller cars
The luggage trailer for small cars
The Task
With the rapid increases in petrol price in South Africa, consumers are pressured into finding new means of efficient and sustainable transport. For many the logical step would be to purchase a smaller, more fuel efficient vehicle. The use of these smaller vehicles however, creates a range of subsequent problems in other areas. One of these problems is luggage space. Not only does the vehicle supply less volume but a large percentage of contemporary luggage trailers are designed to be towed by larger, more powerful vans, sport utility vehicles (SUV's), and other large cars. With the increase in smaller efficient cars on the market, there is a need for a light weight, aesthetically pleasing, and efficient trailer, designed specifically for this market.

The Outcome
The researcher has answered the initial research question by creating a trailer that is light weight, efficient and sustainable. The trailer design is not only visually as sophisticated as a contemporary car, it is also rich with semantic values that allow users to relate on an emotional level and enjoy the experience of product interaction. The success of this trailer means consumers now traveling with smaller economic vehicles are able to comfortably and safely carry excess luggage needed whilst saving on fuel economy and enjoying the comfort of travel.

Swift - The Luggage Trailer for smaller cars