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    A vision-based automatic parking system on a drone.
This project aims to implement an automatic parking system for AR Drone, based on the two cameras attached on the front and the bottom. Multiple detecting algorithm were tried by Jian Nan and Dario. The first step was to control the drone using a joystick.
Then an ensemble algorithm was developed based on line and shape detection to process the images in real time. The AR Drone was successfully tracking the helipad. The video is at the view of drone's front camera.
The imcomplete part of this project is to really realize the parking part, which requires a precise control of two stages: tracing helipad center, and switch camera to park on the helipad. Part of the reason is the drifting of the drone, which causes the camera losses the helipad from images frequently. Hence it could be done by stablizing the drone, and refining the control procedure.