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    This was a print advertising project for my class. We were given a specific brand and we were told to come up with a visual print ad and then des… Read More
    This was a print advertising project for my class. We were given a specific brand and we were told to come up with a visual print ad and then describe the rationale behind it. We went through numerous ideas before coming up with the Noah's Ark idea, but we felt that it followed the theme of our tagline, "Full of Surprises". Read Less
Rationale for thePop-Tarts Hop on the Ark

Our target audience for this advertisement is moms ages 30-45,who have kids ages 5-18. These moms are always on the move and their childrenare always providing them with lots of surprises to keep them busy. They livefast-paced lives and may not always have time to cook breakfast for their kidsbefore school. We are using a child as the main character to appeal to themothers sense of parenthood and our target would most likely have a child, whofits that age demographic.

The overall message of the advertisement is that life andPop-tarts are full of surprises. As a parent, you never know what your kids aregoing to get into next. As a kid, you never know what special edition Pop-tartor new flavor will come out next. This advertisement is able to portray a senseof surprise in a very visual and unique way, so that parents and kidsunderstand this idea that Pop-tarts (life) are full of surprises.

We chose the tagline: “Full of Surprises” because Pop-tart’soffer something unique, which is the fact that you are unable to see what’sinside of them until you have taken a bite. Pop-tarts currently has 33 flavorsincluding limited edition ones, but they are constantly coming out with newflavors. So, noone will ever know what will come out next. We, also wanted thefont to be fun and remind you of a Pop-tart, so we found one that is fun anddecorative.

The advertisement shows a kid ushering Pop-tarts into his arkto save them because he heard it was going to rain. We choose our headlinebecause it is comical and is a parody of Noah ushering the animals into hisArk. This parody is something that is easy for most people to associate withbecause most everyone has heard the story. Even if they don’t know the story,they will still be able to tell that Jimmy is trying to protect his Pop-tartsfrom “unnatural surprises”. This parody, also works well because in the storyof Noah’s Ark he brought animals two by two onto the boat and Pop-tarts come inpacks of two. So, this is a visual image that has a double meaning when thetarget is looking at the advertisement.

We chose to have the kid holding airplane marshalling wandsbecause it gives the ad a more modern, fun feel to such an old story.

This advertisement shows our audience that Pop-tarts are fun,convenient, and diverse. Moms will want to buy these for their kids because thekids have fun eating them, there’s no mess, and they are easy to share. Thekids can also keep trying new flavors to find their favorite.
We provided a call to action at the bottom right hand corner togive people a place to learn more about the brand.