The 2QUARE House. Ready to welcome any guests!
The first Prototype...working on the second, with more knowledge from the feedback.

The 2QUARE house is a 64 cubic meters house.It can be detached and dissassembled for transporting and easy to place in any area, weather it's a forest, a beach, the prairie or inside a big city.

It can accommodate up to two persons for relative long periods of time.
The house has two levels, in the lower level there is the kitchen and a breakfast table, the bathroom with shower, and a sofa that can become a comfy bed.
In the upper level there is the bedroom with a closet and a studio.

I really could use some of your feedback, and if you have some ideas, or you find any problem and stuff like that, I've appreciate your comments.

Working right now to make this design better!

The lower level, with everything you need: Kitchen, bathroom with shower, a sofa that turns into a bed, and a TV.
Inside the 2QUARE House
The all-inside Kitchen
The upper level. A nice bed, a closet, a little studio and an amazing view with the size of that windows.
The stairs to go up are retractable, like the ones that goes to the attic