Kingston Art School Brand Identity

Why? How? What?

Due to construction work in my campus, Graphic Design and Illustration courses moved
to River House which is meant to be our new home for the next two years. 

However, the place was previously used as an office and didn't have the aesthetics of
an art place. The majority of students were against that change claiming that this isn't an
appropriate environment for artists. 

The idea behind the new brand is to create visually pleasing identity which supports students work and
present it out in the open.


In the nature of the university is to be experimental. We do loads of research, we have storyboards
full of overlapping paper and we love printing. These are a few of the aspects used as inspiration to
bring this project to life.
Logo and Typography

To create the logo design I came up with the initial concept of combining the word 'river' with scribble/sketching.
I asked a lot of people from all around the campus to join and make their very own mark which I vectorized
later on and used a part of the logo.

In terms of the typefaces I used the bold yet calm 'Brandon Grotesque' combined with 'Typewalk' which is more
artistic and unusual to make some contrast. 
Colors and Textures
I chose black and white because I wanted to put accent on what people produce.
Also, I did a few handmade textures that could be used for prints, packaging and decoration.

An idea about decorating the space and a possible way to advertise events happening in the campus.
I did a website which is on the same basis as the platforms Behance and Dribbble
however it is only for Kingston artists. Students will be able to upload
their work and build a showcase, every week there will be featured work.
In that way people from industry will be able to easily contact students for
interns and jobs.
Thank you!
Some of the work used as examples in this case study is done by other Kingston students.

Kingston Art School Brand Identity

Kingston Art School Brand Identity

A brand identity done for River House (Kingston University Art School Campus)

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