Role: Product owner, product design, project management
Team: Leejay Xia - Engineering, Kevin Spector - Engineering
Existing Onboarding
Existing onboarding flow
Existing onboarding flow
Feedback from rounds of user testing
Defining attributes that would accurately describe our content
Consolidating and visualizing the program attributes
Early sketches of the new intake survey.
Ordering of questions, presentation, interactions
Improved Onboarding
Improved Intake Survey
• New members can personalize their app based on ability and preferences
• Fun, visual, simple and engaging
• Dynamic and easy to modify via a CMS
Adaptive logged in experience
• Personalized look and experience based on user preferences
• Suggests programs and workouts you might like
• Prompts users with a ‘first workout to do’ that helped increase engagement and trial conversion
Flexible Following
• Flexible following provides freedom, allowing users to 'opt in' and follow or unfollow programs as they like.
• Members aren’t forced to follow a program when they sign up.
• Members can follow as many programs as they’d like
The cohort who received the new and improved intake survey saw a 5.88% trial conversion lift.



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